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Electronic ID (eID)
A highly trusted online ID for the digital world  


The MorphoTrust® eID is a trusted digital credential authenticated by state driver’s license issuing agencies to facilitate secure online transactions, like applying online for benefits, securing tax refunds, and more.

The eID is the ONLY online ID that ties back to the in-person proofing process conducted by motor vehicle agencies when you apply for a driver’s license or state ID. It brings the trust of your physical driver’s license or state ID to the online world, allowing you to prove who you are online.

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What makes the eID secure?
The eID is secure simply because you and ONLY you can register and use the eID. How is that possible?

  • It ties back to the motor vehicle agency in-person proofed database record when you applied for your driver’s license or state ID.
  • The app requires a biometric to open; one of the safest most secure ways to identify yourself, in this case, your selfie.
  • The eID replaces historically weak usernames and passwords.


What can the eID be used for?
Currently the eID is being tested to secure online tax refunds, however, over time, the eID can be used to facilitate secure online transactions, like applying online for benefits, travel and more.  The possibilities truly are endless…





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