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Multi-Modal Biometrics


MorphoTrust is the U.S. leader in identity solutions and services, bringing years of expertise in flexible, scalable biometric platforms and systems that meet the growing demands of state and federal agencies as well as commercial businesses.  For decades now, matching fingerprints has been the primary tool for law enforcement and other public safety officials looking to identify persons of interest and solve crimes.  In recent years, not only have we seen significant improvements in fingerprinting and palm technology, but with the growing availability of photographs and video footage, facial recognition has proven to be a great complement to the use fingerprints -- providing yet another valuable tool for those tasked with protecting us.  And, iris recognition has become a highly useful technology for various enrollment scenarios, including national identity programs such as those in India and Indonesia.

The use of biometrics to combat identity theft and fraud as well as identify and assess unknown individuals has enhanced national security, improved public safety, and streamlined government services. It has proven to be invaluable to a growing number of state and federal agencies tasked with protecting American citizens across the globe. The accuracy, performance, reliability and ease of today’s technologies continue to improve. Advanced mobile devices enable near-instant ID of individuals in any location, while sophisticated workstations provide a suite of tools to aid investigators in conducting quick and accurate identity verification.

Our leading MorphoTrustTM ABIS® platform provides all of the tools and capabilities needed to efficiently manage, store and retrieve demographic information and biometric images as needed. ABIS is flexible and scalable – supporting all of the basic functions you need today, while providing the ability to add new applications and biometric modalities in the future. The system is designed to integrate with existing databases and facilitate very fast, accurate searches, even with very large, complex systems.

Features & Benefits:

  • Identify identity theft and fraud
  • Quickly assess unknown individuals
  • Enhance national security
  • Improved public safety
  • Streamline government services
  • Protecting the lives of American citizens 


MorphoTrust was named the 2013 North American Company of the Year for Government Biometrics by Frost & Sullivan