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Iris Recognition

The use of iris recogntion is gaining traction in physical and logical access control programs, including the U.S. government’s personal identification verification program for authentication of federal employees and contractors.The accuracy offered by iris recognition, together with its remarkably fast search speed and small template, make iris recognition an attractive method for identification and viable for even the largest National ID programs. Iris is a very effective biometric for ascertaining identity quickly, without the same criminal connotations as with fingerprinting. 

The technology is touchless, and therefore hygenic, and the iris is not subject to the wear, distortions and alterations with fingerprints and facial recognition. Adoption of iris in civilian programs is not hindered by the cleanliness issues associated with fingerprint capture devices that concern some cultures, nor by the poor quality fingerprints associated with manual laborers and some elderly citizens. The iris has 240 unique features - 10 x the number in fingerprints! And, iris matching is extremely fast - 7 x faster than fingerprint matching and nearly 2.5 x faster than facial matching.

Features and Benefits:

  • Highly accurate, "touchless" biometric technology
  • Small file size speeds matching and system performance
  • Ideal technology for very large, complex identity programs