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Facial Recognition


Facial recognition research and technologies have matured and sizable training databases have been collected which has led to a dramatic accuracy jump. Not only has face recognition become more accurate, but it has also become faster and more computationally efficient!

Law enforcement agencies estimate that up to a quarter of complaint cases contain face images of the suspect or an accomplice. This number is significantly higher than for latent fingerprints or DNA samples. Crime scene images arrive from a variety of sources including social networks, CCTV recordings, documents, cell phones and other media. While the images are available to the detective, they are still rarely used for investigative purposes. Law enforcement agencies are just beginning to adopt face recognition technology to enable their officers to search for these images in mugshot databases. Investigative face recognition technology has already been proven to be highly efficient at a number of agencies. Face recognition searches take just seconds and produce results that are easy to visually adjudicate.

Face recognition technology is also being used very successfully by a growing number of state motor vehicle agencies looking to stop identity fraud and protect citizens from crimes resulting from individuals receiving multiple driver licenses under various names and identities. These technologies have identified thousands of cases of identity fraud and help state agencies achieve their goal of "One Person, One Identity."

MorphoTrust® Face Examiner Workstation is a powerful tool for investigators, enhancing the effectiveness and performance of face recognition in investigative environments.  Face Examiner, along with our automated tools for analyzing face images, results in more identifications and crimes solved and allows you to manipulate, filter and extract a clearer image, and identify hard-to-find facial landmarks before transmitting to the system for higher identification search results. Our technology consists of state-of-the-art, 3-D modeling and imaging tools to extract faces from grainy or unclear images, correcting the effects of poor lighting, off-angle poses and blurriness.

Facial Recognition

Features and Benefits:

  • Fast, accurate identification of persons of interest without physical contact
  • Enables law enforcement to take advantage of the growing volume of photos and video footage to solve crimes
  • Significant tool to deter and combat identity fraud
  • Enables new commercial applications to deliver enhanced service
  • A 1:1 facial comparison can be completed instantly to verify the individual is the same as their previous photo and record

"The reality is that biometrics can strengthen privacy and security, as it is the only sure way to establish identity, making it extremely difficult for a criminal to fraudulently assume and abuse someone else's identity."

Bob Eckel, CEO MorphoTrust