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MorphoTrust Technology Expertise


The company's deep knowledge and expertise includes all aspects of secure credentialing and advanced biometrics as well as integrated business systems with flexible, scalable architectures and platforms that meet the needs of today, while anticipating the needs of tomorrow.  We employ some of the world's experts in the secure credential design and production, and advancing multi-modal biometric technologies. Additionally, we are able to leverage the vast IP portfolio and deep technology expertise of Safran, a global leader in aerospace, defense and security, to develop the best solutions to meet the growing demands of our customers. MorphoTrust continues to invest in R&D to lead the industries we serve with innovative identity solutions and services.

Today, we are the U.S. leader in multi-modal biometric solutions with some of the largest operational deployments in the world. The U.S. Department of State has enrolled over 200 million facial images and operates 24x7, 365 days a year, with thousands of cases of fraud identified by visa applicants. We are proud of our track record with consistent participation and top-tier performance in the biometric studies conducted by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).  MorphoTrust and its predecessor companies have participated in every government sponsored test of face, iris and fingerprint recognition for the past 17 years with extremely favorable results.

  • In a 2D face study conducted in 2010, MorphoTrust algorithms out performed all others in the accuracy of 1:N searches such as those used by state motor vehicle agencies.
  • In the recent iris test results (2013), MorphoTrust was shown to be the most accurate at the most demanding operating points while being much faster, with smaller file sizes, than its nearest competitors.

 Facial Recognition

MorphoTrust has led the way, beginning with the use of facial recognition software in state Motor Vehicle Agencies (MVAs).  With the U.S. driver license being the document we use most often to establish our identity, it is extremely valuable and often the target of criminal activities. States continually battle individuals attempting to obtain multiple driver licenses and IDs under different names. And, beyond identity fraud, terrorists such as the perpetrators of the 9/11 attacks, also used fake driver licenses. Today, 34 states use MorphoTrust® Biometric Identification as part of their ID issuance processes.

By using MorphoTrust facial recognition technology, states have identified thousands of cases of identity fraud, preventing multiple driver licenses and IDs from being issued to one individual under different names.

MorphoTrust facial recognition technology is also used by many U.S. federal agencies, including the FBI. Using the MorphoTrust® ABIS® Platform, federal public safety officials can quickly run images and surveillance footage against various databases and watch lists to identify persons of interest. While the best results come from clear images with a full face view, MorphoTrust technologies are able to support some level of performance with sub-optimal quality images and has proven to be superior to any other solution in less than ideal situations.  Our Examiner Workstation can be used to enhance original images (e.g., correct lighting, use 3D face modeling, etc.) to boost performance of the algorithms.

 Iris Recognition

The accuracy and performance offered by iris recognition, with its remarkably fast search speed and small template, make iris technology an attractive method for identification and viable for even the largest ID programs. Iris is a very effective biometric for establishing identity quickly and without the stigma often associated with fingerprinting.  It is not impacted by cleanliness issues associated with fingerprint capture, nor by the poor quality of fingerprints associated with manual laborers, the elderly and certain others. Today, the technology is being adopted by law enforcement and public safety agencies as well as government officials in a range of applications.

 Secure Credentialing

MorphoTrust has been a leading innovator and supplier of secure credentials for over five decades, possessing deep expertise in card design and security features, as well as secure materials and manufacturing processes. The company supports 39 states in the design and production of over 80% of the U.S. driver licenses and IDs, using a linked and layered methodology with overt and covert security features that are compliant with AAMVA and REAL ID standards. We were the first U.S. company authorized and trained in the use of Jura software -- the same software that is used in the design of currency. And, we are the only company exclusively licensed to use digital watermarking technology to infuse digital data into the images on the card in a way that is imperceptible to humans, but easily detected by special software used in computers or a wide range of common devices such as today's smart phones.

Our biometric technology is optimized for accurate, high-speed matching of images in even the largest, most complex databases:

  • Quickly and accurately verify identities of persons of interest, solving crimes and deterring identity fraud
  • Advanced multi-modal biometric technologies (face, finger, palm, iris, skin, etc.) developed to enhance public safety as well and simplify and enrich our lives


“After an in-depth study, Lockheed Martin has selected MorphoTrust ABIS®, which the FBI has now begun to implement. MorphoTrust’s ABIS® will provide the FBI NGI program with superior biometric matching for Face and Iris modalities.”