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Training and Professional Services


At MorphoTrust, we understand that a successful deployment does not end until your staff is up and running, working effectively in their daily tasks.  Training is a key component of every program and deployment plan, with a highly skilled training staff who are passionate about helping our customers get ROI from their investment as fast as possible.  You will receive a training plan and curriculum designed to equip each staff member, whether they are responsible for system maintenance and uptime or are on the front lines serving your customers.

We also realize that each company and government agency is unique, with special requirements and needs.  Our products and solutions are developed to offer the value and cost-effectiveness that comes from the use of standard technologies, common architectures and platforms, and software code; however, we must also accommodate certain customizations and capabilities as defined by our customers.  This is where the professional services team comes in to work with you on ways to optimize the solution for your business environment.

Today, MorphoTrust also provides our customers with:

  • Fraudulent document recognition training
  • Legacy data conversion services
  • Security best practice consulting
  • Threat mitigation consulting
  • Enterprise system design services
  • Workflow assessment and consulting
  • Installation, maintenance and support services