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Identity Solutions for Motor Vehicle Agencies

MorphoTrust® Self-Service Kiosk


License renewals, replacements, name and address changes, and more

Common tasks such as renewing or replacing a driver license usually require a trip to the local motor vehicle agency (MVA). For your customers, that means more time away from work and more time waiting in line. These simple transactions also consume valuable staff time and contribute to office congestion, increasing wait times for all customers.

We have the solution!  MorphoTrust Self-Service Kiosks allow customers to manage transactions such as driver license renewals, replacements, updated photos and vehicle registration renewals, to name a few.

Here’s how it works: 

  • From a touch screen, the customer selects the desired transaction
  • The customer scans their driver license or ID card to retrieve name, date of birth and social security number. If their card is not available, they have the option to enter their information manually.
  • Customer data is then used to locate records in the MVA files, including their photo on file
  • Customer facial photo is taken
  • Advanced biometric software compares their existing and new photos to verify customer identity 
  • Credit/debit card, cash or check payment is then processed and a receipt with a temporary license or ID is printed (depending on state issuance procedures)
  • In Central Issuance States, the customer received an interim document/receipt for use until the secure document is received
  • In Over-the-Counter States, the customer receives a receipt with barcode to present at the express window

Features & Benefits

  • Added convenience for your customers
  • Reduce wait times and office congestion 
  • Lower overall agency costs and increase efficiency of operations
  • Flexible business/payment management models  
  • Increased service outlets when placed in shopping malls, libraries and AAA offices