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Identity Solutions for Motor Vehicle Agencies

Self-Service Solutions


Today’s consumers have become more accustomed to accessing services how, when and where they want – specifically on the computers and mobile devices they use each day.  Add to this the desire of motor vehicle agencies to reduce lines and traffic to crowded offices and the answer becomes obvious:  Self-Service options that provide multiple choices for service delivery!

MorphoTrust offers several products to enhance service to your customers, with options that also allow you to maximize your staff efficiency and resources, including:

MorphoTrust® Kiosks

Kiosks can be placed in your offices as well as other public locations for transactions such as driver license and vehicle registration renewal, voter registration, address or name changes, and more.


MorphoTrust® EZ-Visit

Transactions are made through a simple web application, and captures biographic information, with detailed instructions provided to customers on the documentation needed when they come into the office. When your customers arrive in the office, they simply scan the encrypted barcode on their printed receipt to retrieve the information they entered online. Scanning can be done at the kiosk or the counter, saving time and reducing data entry errors.

MorphoTrust® Scheduler

Scheduler integrates with EZ-Visit and allows customers to quickly find available dates and times at their local motor vehicle agency office and schedule an appointment that is convenient for them.

Features & Benefits:

  • New choices for customers to obtain service
  • Streamlines your daily operations and processes
  • Customers schedule their own appointments 24/7
  • Reduces wait time and long lines