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Identity Solutions for Motor Vehicle Agencies

MorphoTrust® Instant Issuance


Over-the-counter (OTC) Issuance, or Instance Issuance, allows your customers to leave the office with their driver license in hand – avoiding the wait time to receive it in the mail. For states that wish to provide this option to their customers, MorphoTrust offers market-leading solutions for printing high quality, durable and secure credentials in your offices. These OTC systems are fully integrated with your front office operations and provide reliable printers with card blanks containing your choice of security features. This ensures the convenience your customers have become accustomed to, and avoids delays that could trigger complaints.

MorphoTrust Instant Issuance works with the MorphoTrust® Enrollment Workstation to ensure easy, reliable image and data capture with verification of applicant-provided information against trusted data sources. Additionally, you have the option of using 1:1 facial recognition and compare the new photo taken with the previous photo in your database; or you can opt to use our anti-fraud service which provides a one-time image scrub to compare all photos within your entire enterprise database to identify individuals who have been issued multiple IDs under different identities. All systems are flexible and configurable to support your chosen workflow and business processes.

Features & Benefits:

  • Driver licenses and IDs are issued in your field offices
  • High quality, reliable printers to ensure maximum availability
  • Fully integrates with your front office operations with easy, accurate image and data capture
  • Option to use facial recognition software or anti-fraud service