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Secure Credentials Production


Card Security that keeps you one step ahead of counterfeiters

MorphoTrust offers state and federal agencies, including today’s Motor Vehicle Agencies (MVAs), two options for producing driver licenses, IDs and other types of secure credentials:  over-the-counter (also known as instant issuance) or central issuance in one of our many NASPO-certified factory locations.  Either way, no other company offers the years of experience and expertise to ensure your success.  More than 60 million high quality, secure credentials are produced using our systems each year, representing over 80% of all driver licenses in the U.S. as well as passport cards, police IDs and more.  Our expertise comes from years of experience producing national IDs, voter IDs, benefits cards, driver licenses, passport cards, and the Enhanced Driver License with RFID for border crossing.

MorphoTrust® Over-the-Counter Issuance is used by 16 states today and offers well-tested, reliable printers that are used to produce cards onsite. Special card pre-prints are available with a number of different security features, allowing MVAs to take advantage of advancements in card security and sophisticated, tamper-evident card architectures.

MorphoTrust® Central Issuance ensures maximum security in the production process in one of seven NASPO-certified facilities. No other company operates multiple NASPO-certified factories with the track record for security and compliance that MorphoTrust has. In fact, in 2013, we became the first company in the world to achieve NASPO Level-1 Certification. Twenty-five states have chosen centrally issued driver licenses and IDs to take full advantage of their investment in facial recognition software to stop fraud, as well as the most secure and sophisticated card designs and features available.


Features & Benefits:

  • Range of credential options for over-the-counter or central issuance production
  • Central issuance production ensures 100% reconciliation of driver license's and ID's and materials at every moment in time
  • Mutliple NASPO-certified facilities for redundancy and disaster recovery