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Identity Solutions for Motor Vehicle Agencies

  Automated Testing Solutions


MorphoTrust continues to streamline your business workflow, minimize opportunities for fraud, and simplify daily tasks within Motor Vehicle Agencies (MVA) with our Automated Testing Solutions:  MorphoTrust® AutoTest, MorphoTrust® RoadTest and MorphoTrust® WebTest.  All are successful, proven solutions being adopted by states across the U.S. to fight fraud and increase efficiencies. 

MorphoTrust®AutoTest – Automated web-based driver knowledge exams

Today’s testing environments provide multiple opportunities for cheating.  Plus, your customers want to complete the testing process as quickly and painlessly as possible.  AutoTest is the answer.

AutoTest helps to increase the speed and efficiency of applicant processing, saving both time and money.With AutoTest, you give your examiners the tools they need to effectively manage every aspect of knowledge testing. Tests are conducted using kiosks with a user-friendly touch screen interface and advanced, interactive multi-media content, including 3D simulations, and multiple language support.Questions are presented via text or voice and can be adjusted by the applicant using zoom and volume controls.Your customers simply enter their answers by touching the computer screen. It’s that simple.

MorphoTrust® RoadTest – Enhanced driver skills testing on a tablet

Paper-based skills tests require results to be calculated by hand and entered into a computer manually.  Who has time for that? These time-consuming methods are also more prone to errors and fraud.  And, completed paper tests are often stored onsite, taking up valuable office space.  RoadTest offers a better way.

RoadTest is a tablet-based electronic skills test scoring system that is easy for examiners to use.  The screen has the same familiar look and feel as the standard form that the examiners are used to, with powerful pen-based data capture and form components such as checkboxes, drop down lists, date/time selections, text and number areas, and special signature fields.  And, by tracking test routes via the embedded GPS, we help mitigate fraud by pointing out where off-route travel and suspicious route times have occurred for further investigation.

MorphoTrust® WebTest – TaaS model eliminates the need to visit an agency office

MVAs may also choose MorphoTrust WebTest which offers a Testing as a Service (TaaS) option for remote test taking. WebTest allows tests to be taken anywhere on a standard PC connected to the internet. Based on our secure Automated Knowledge Testing System (AutoTest), WebTest allows MVAs to offer the flexibility for applicants to take a secure, randomized test in more convenient proctored locations (such as high schools, community college computer labs, or third party driving schools) or at home. This means shorter lines at your offices and savings in time and money without compromising the security of your testing process. Through highly scalable deployment utilizing web hosting, services can be delivered to all types of testing sites.

Hear how the Virginia DMV is driving customer satisfaction with AutoTest.

Features & Benefits:

• User-friendly graphical interface

• Advanced multimedia (3-D simulations)

• Multiple language support (text & audio)

• Web-based testing engine

• Helps reduce incidents of fraud

• Easy to use administration tools

• Comprehensive and flexible reporting

• Secure testing environment

• Uninterrupted testing service