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Identity Solutions for Motor Vehicle Agencies

 MorphoTrust® Capture Software


Easily capture high-quality portraits, signatures and fingerprints to streamline applicant processing

Designed for driver license and ID issuers, Capture Software is highly flexible and configurable, letting you choose the order of image capture as well as card production process: over-the-counter, central issuance or a hybrid approach. To ensure that your processes and policies are consistently followed, Capture Software lets you establish business rules and set user permissions. Reliable execution of your processes produces the results you desire and lets your operators focus their attention on the customer—and the customer’s experience—instead of worrying about complex computer operations.

Maximum security features:

  • Biologon: Verifies the fingerprints of operators before allowing access to the system
  • Transaction Logging: Records, maintains and audits a trail of all system activities
  • Password Timeouts: Requires new passwords be established after a preset period of time

One-to-one biometric comparisons of new portraits taken against the current image in the DL database help reduce fraud and deter illegal activities from staff. Operators can confirm that the applicant "matches" what is currently on file.

Our solutions deliver smooth integration with your current and future workflows and systems and are quick to deploy so that you can begin seeing an ROI as soon as possible. Built on a modular architecture, Capture Software is designed to work seamlessly with other MorphoTrust solutions like the Camera Tower, Image Server, and Identity Validation Suite (IDVS) which includes Document Authentication, Applicant Data Verification, and Biometric Identification. All products are built using open standards to extend as your needs change and grow, and ensure easy integration into your enterprise IT architecture and datacenter.


Features & Benefits:

  • Easy to use and faster processing
  • Minimal training required
  • Enhanced identity security
  • Smooth integration
  • Built-in data quality
  • Configurable workflow
  • Complete solutions for secure enrollment




Frozen Image Captured Image

Capture Software’s live video preview ensures the applicant is properly placed in front of the photo backdrop. Our unique Find-a-Face™ feature automatically generates a perfectly focused, cropped, and color-corrected image every time.