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Identity Solutions for Motor Vehicle Agencies

Enrollment Workstations


Designed Specifically for Driver License and Government ID Issuers

Our multi-biometric enrollment workstations include the ability to capture finger and palm prints, face and iris images for applicant processing vetting, and transmitting to requesting agencies for required checks. You select from a range of enrollment options, including various hardware devices and software configurations to meet the specific needs of your agency or organization.

Operators receive immediate feedback on image quality, making sure the process is easily-managed, and yielding faster, more accurate results. Users have a set of intuitive tools, including auto-capture, cropping, and centering in line with ISO/ANSI/NIST requirements. Depending on the enrollment process and needs, stations can also be equipped to include document authentication to verify proof-of-identity documents such as U.S. driver licenses and passports.

All data and images captured are then securely transmitted and/or stored according to your business requirements and workflow. The stations easily integrate with existing systems and are proven highly durable for years of reliable service.


Capture Software – MorphoTrust Capture Software streamlines and simplifies applicant processing, and enables Motor Vehicle Agencies (MVAs) to capture high quality portraits, clear signatures and reliable fingerprints with single key operations that keep lines moving.

Camera Tower – MorphoTrust Camera Tower ensures fast service and great pictures, keeping customers happy. Designed specifically for the high volume production and quality demands of government ID issuers, the Camera Tower combines professional-quality construction and the expertise of a market leader to ensure the lowest total cost of ownership.