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Identity Solutions for Motor Vehicle Agencies

Front-Office Solutions


MorphoTrust has been delivering industry-leading front office solutions to motor vehicle agencies (MVA) for over five decades and continues to lead the way with innovative offerings for enrolling and vetting applicants as well as issuing high quality driver licenses and IDs. Excellent service begins at the time the applicant initiates a transaction – whether that is on the computer at home, on a mobile device, or in the office. MorphoTrust products are designed and configured for your office environment and workflow, with easy integration into your business systems and back-office operations.

With MorphoTrust® Self-Service Solutions, your customers have new options for completing front office transactions quickly and easily, reducing overall wait times. MorphoTrust® EZ-Visit lets customers enter their biographic information from any computer and print out a receipt, with driving instructions, a list of documents they need, and their personal data securely encrypted in a barcode. With this receipt, the barcode can be scanned in the office at a kiosk or at the counter to retrieve the data and complete the transaction. MorphoTrust® Scheduler simplifies appointment-setting for your customers, through a simple web-based application, while providing the information you need to balance office workloads and ensure appropriate staffing levels. MorphoTrust® Kiosks improve service and reduce wait times when customers can complete renewals, name changes, voter registration, and more on their own.

MorphoTrust® Enrollment Workstation is the ideal solution for today's motor vehicle agencies for quickly and easily capturing, confirming and storing both biographic and biometric data as part of the front-office enrollment process. The solution includes a bio-logon device, Enrollment Software, Camera Tower, and signature pad. You may also choose to add fingerprint capture and Documentation Authentication, if desired. The Enrollment Workstation gives you the ability to scan and securely store all documents and images in MorphoTrust Image Server, and can be configured to support your unique workflow and business processes.

MorphoTrust® Automated Testing Solutions help today's MVAs ensure efficiency and prevent fraud in the testing process. Our Automated Testing Solutions include:

MorphoTrust® AutoTest, automated knowledge testing.

MorphoTrust® WebTest, web-based testing that can be facilitated outside of the MVA offices.

MorphoTrust® RoadTest, road skills testing and tracking.


Features & Benefits:

  • Streamlines your front-office operations
  • Everything you need for applicant enrollment
  • Flexible, integrated solution to meet your needs today and in the future
  • Self-Service products for improved service and efficiencies
  • Supports REAL ID standards