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Identity Solutions for Motor Vehicle Agencies

MorphoTrust® IDMarc®


IDMarc is a covert security feature that continues to be adopted by more and more states in their driver licenses and IDs (DL/ID) to enable reliable machine-validation. IDMarc uses digital watermarking technology to infuse digital data into the images on the front of the card.  It is invisible to human eyes, but easily detected by a variety of devices, including today's smartphones. The use of digital watermarking adds a layer of security as it is nearly impossible to remove or counterfeit. The mere absence of the watermark makes the credential suspect and  in need of further investigation.

The data carried in IDMarc is the same data printed on the front of the DL/ID, primarily the name, driver license number, state of issue and birthdate. By extracting the data in IDMarc and/or the barcode, it can be quickly cross-checked against the data printed on the front of the card to ensure eveyrthing matches. If the data does not match, or the watermark is not found, the card can be flagged as it is likely altered or counterfeit.

MorphoTrust® ImplicID software was designed to detect the digital watermarks on DL/IDs and extract the embedded data to perform tasks such as age verification. In an instant, the application confirms the presence of IDMarc and displays whether or not the card holder is eligible for purchasing tobacco products, alcohol or lottery tickets. This is one example of many high-value applications available to government agencies and commercial businesses.

Features & Benefits:

  • Enables reliable machine-validation of most U.S. driver licenses and IDs
  • Covert security feature that is invisible to human eyes
  • Makes the DL/ID self-authenticating