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Identity Solutions for Motor Vehicle Agencies

MorphoTrust® Document Inspector


Document Inspector takes the guesswork out of ID inspection. It is a fast, cost-effective way to reliably authenticate more than 200 forms of driver licenses and IDs in circulation today. Document Inspector software is bundled with your choice of scanning devices, for a complete, ready to deploy solution. After a brief training, operators can instantly authenticate commonly used DL/ID security features, including magnetic stripes, barcodes and MorpthoTrust® IDMarc®  digital watermarks. Trusted machine-validation of driver license and ID cards is the most effective way to control the sale of age-controlled products as well as combat identity fraud.

Features & Benefits:

  • Takes the guesswork out of authenticating IDs
  • Easy to implement and use, minimal training required
  • Reliably authenticates common security features in DL/IDs