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Identity Solutions for Motor Vehicle Agencies

Document Inspection and Authentication


With the multitude of overt and covert security features used in today’s government-issued IDs, including passports, passport cards, U.S. driver licenses and IDs, mere visual inspection is highly inadequate and ineffective. Specifically, the U.S. driver license as our primary identity document and used to enable many trusted transactions, requires reliable authentication – helping to verify that individuals are who they claim to be. MorphoTrust provides a variety of products for authenticating driver licenses, passports and other documents based on risk, location and the unique needs of your agency or organization.

MorphoTrust® B5000 is designed for situations when ID authentication is essential and identity must be verified, in protecting our nation's borders, for example.The B5000 automatically scans and authenticates documents such as passports, driver licenses and state ID cards. The device captures full color images using several light sources and performs multiple security checks to ensure a fast and reliable authentication process.This improves security by ensuring that proof-of-identity data and documents presented are genuine, reducing fraud and enhancing public safety.

MorphoTrust® ImplicID software checks the security features in U.S. driver licenses and verifies age, providing business owners and other stakeholders with an easy-to-use application for authenticating these government-issued credentials. Users can reduce risk and safety violations by proactively verifying a customer’s ID prior to selling them alcohol, tobacco or lottery tickets, for example. The application runs on common iOS mobile devices as well as other hardware devices.

MorphoTrust® Document Inspector provides a highly cost effective solution for validating U.S. driver licenses and IDs. It instantly reads IDMarc as well as other card security features, verifying the authenticity of the card and taking the guesswork out of mere visual inspection.

MorphoTrust® IDMarc® is a unique, covert security feature that enables reliable, machine-readable authentication of most U.S. driver licenses. IDMarc infuses digital data into the card in a way cannot be seen by human eyes, but can easily be read by many common devices, including today’s smart phones. Over 25 states have adopted IDMarc in their driver licenses, with many now at 100% of the cards currently in use.

Features & Benefits:

  • Enables reliable machine-validation of most U.S. driver licenses and IDs
  • Covert security feature that is invisible to human eyes
  • Makes the DL/ID self-authenticating