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Identity Solutions for Motor Vehicle Agencies

MorphoTrust® Issuance Manager


MorphoTrust Issuance Manager enables your operations staff to efficiently manage the entire driver license and ID (DL/ID) issuance process by providing real-time visibility into the status of all applicants and their DL/IDs, and where they are in the production workflow. Customer service is maintained with immediate visibility and/or notification of stoppages or slow downs in DL/ID issuance, with the ability to manage exceptions quickly and efficiently. This lets you balance the need to prevent ID theft and fraud, with maintaining throughput to effectrively serve the vast majority of applicants who are honest, law abiding citizens.

Issuance Manager facilitates a gated issuance process whereby applicants are required to clear one or more preset “gates” used to qualify the applicant before the production order is released. This process ensures reduces fraud and allows you to manage exceptions without impacting customer service. 

Issuance Manager also manages the sequence of steps to qualify applicants and check their identity. This enables:

  • DL/IDs from suspect applicants to be held pending further investigation and clearance.
  • A two-step process for clearing exceptions by requiring a password for overrides to facilitate a secure process that includes tracking and reporting
  • Designated administrators and/or supervisors to efficiently stop the production of a DL/ID, if necessary, as in the case where a criminal has been identified

Features & Benefits:

  • Gives your staff visibility across the DL/ID production process
  • Track DL/IDs through each phase
  • Enables gated issuance, preventing DL/IDs suspected of fraud from being produced until they are cleared
  • Maintains throughput for non-fraud cases to ensure good service
  • Manages the sequence of steps to qualify applicants and check their identity
  • Automates tasks and reporting
  • Quickly catches clerical errors
  • Highlight exceptions requiring administrator attention to improve processes
  • Quickly spot backlogs or bottlenecks with specific details on the root cause