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Identity Solutions for Motor Vehicle Agencies

MorphoTrust® Biometric Identification


MorphoTrust Biometric Identification is a web-based, case management solution for screening daily issuance of secure identities and investigating potential matches. It creates and stores biometric information that matches biometric templates for face and finger. The complete MVA solution begins with  capturing a photo in the front office at a Motor Vehicle Agency (MVA) and allows you to perform a 1:1 biometric comparison against the previous record in the MVA database as well as a daily 1:N comparison of all new photos taken against the entire database to identify cases of potential fraud. Biometric Identification incorporates our Automated System (ABIS) Search Engine. This combination enables Motor Vehicle Agencies to quickly and reliably find cases of potential fraud with the option to stop the issuance of the driver license pending further investigation.



Features & Benefits:

  • Search results can be compared side-by-side, tile or overlay
  • Minimal training required to get great results
  • Flexible, integrated products that can be used as a standalone or with other systems