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Identity Solutions For Law Enforcement

MorphoTrust® Officer 360


Developed in collaboration with our law enforcement and public safety customers from jurisdictions across the country, MorphoTrust™ Officer 360 is used to establish, verify and manage the identity of various persons of interest from the moment they are apprehended on the streets through booking, case management and release. Officer 360 provides law enforcement agencies with integrated solutions that make their work safer, more effective and more efficient.

In the field: Officers need to know who they’re dealing with. With MorphoTrust® Mobile ID 360, you don’t have to rely on verbal information or potentially fraudulent IDs to identify a suspect. Perform quick, accurate identity checks by capturing and matching facial or iris images or fingerprints to determine whether or not to detain the suspect or call for backup. Fast, positive IDs let you assess personal risk and danger to make "life or death" decisions on how to proceed.

In the office: MorphoTrust® Arrest and Custody 360 eliminates repetitive, redundant manual booking processes and streamlines case management workflows to make more effective use of officer time. The system supports multiple biometric modalities (face, fingerprint and iris) in the enrollment process, and allows jails and courts to track subjects from intake to release using electronic authentication of documents and verification of identity at any stage of the criminal justice lifecycle.

Used in conjunction with Mobile ID 360, Arrest and Custody 360 can begin electronic booking with information captured and transmitted in the field. Acceptance rules customized to local laws and ordinances are built into the system to ensure charges aren’t thrown out in court due to technicalities. System design is flexible to ensure easy integration with downstream criminal justice processes specific to your jurisdiction or other agencies you may share information with.

Arrest and Custody 360 components can be used as standalone devices or together in a fully integrated system. They include a variety of Live Scan devices, cameras and/or our Mobile-Eyes dual-iris device for quick capture of biometric information, arrest and booking workstationscustomizable TouchPrint Enterprise Software and Controller for use with fingerprint capture devices.

Features & Benefits:

  • Fast, accurate identification of suspects, detainees and criminals
  • Flexible, integrated solutions that can be used as a stand-alone or with other systems
  • Let's your staff work safer, more effectively and more efficiently
  • Multi-modal biometric-based technology and solutions (face, iris and fingerprints)
  • Streamlines repetitive, redundant manual booking processes
  • Track inmates throughout the criminal justice lifecycle, from intake to release