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MorphoTrust® Offender ID


MorphoTrust Offender ID is an advanced inmate identity management and tracking system incorporating advanced iris and fingerprint technology for fast and accurate identification. Critical processes, including booking and release, are quickly and securely executed preventing inmates from falsifying their identities, with no increase in staff. Our solution integrates into an existing jail management or mug shot system or can operate as a standalone biometric and biographic repository.


Every time an inmate is moved from one location to another, there is an opportunity for misidentification that could result in the wrong individual being moved or released. Current manual processes based on human visual identification or wrist band solutions that can be compromised, are clumsy and error-prone, and result in inefficient use of prison personnel with the possibility of releasing criminals mistakenly. Cost-effective solutions that leverage existing investments in fingerprint or iris biometric capture are needed for more reliable and efficient inmate tracking.


Offender ID is bolstered by the dual, back-end support of the MorphoTrust ABIS Search Engine and MorphoTrust ABIS Identity Manager when used as a standalone system. The Search Engine quickly and accurately performs biometric matching, while Identity Manager retains and updates inmate information in an encounter-based system. Operators are able to effectively mine, manage and audit subject data as well as manage users, roles and lists in real time.


Features & Benefits

  • Integrated multi-modal biometric solution, including iris
  • Quickly identify repeat offenders
  • Reduces paper-based subject identification
  • Decrease erroneous releases
  • Record expungement
  • Configurable to search
  • Multiple county/state iris databases
  • Reliable audit trail