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Identity Solutions For Federal Agencies

MorphoTrustTM Integrated Biometric Identification System (IBIS)


MorphoTrust IBIS is a mobile identification system that allows federal law officials to capture and wirelessly transmit forensic quality fingerprints and facial images on a handheld device, helping officers to be more effective and efficient.


The Integrated Biometric Identification System (IBIS) has a long history of success, beginning with our patent combining fingerprints and photos with wireless connections.  Since then, hundreds of mobile units have been deployed with demonstrated time and cost savings through cite outs and remote bookings, increased arrests, and solved crimes.


Our newest IBIS solution employs a modular handndheld device that links via Bluetooth to any preconfigured, supported PDA, taking advantage of today’s latest smartphone technology. A card reader module to scan documentation, such as a driver’s license, and the workflow manager can interface with various databases simultaneously, including our AFIS system. This flexibility, combined with the forensic quality fingerprint reader, the camera on the PDA, and autocapture capability, ensure more accurate IDs and significant time and cost savings for officers in the field.more accurate IDs and significant time and cost savings for officers in the field.


We continue to develop award-winning products by incorporating technologically advanced designs to better serve our customers. 

Features & Benefits

  • Captures photographs and forensic quality fingerprint images
  • Works with a variety of databases
  • Utilizes the latest wireless communications
  • Delivers real-time ID information
  • Helps prevent false arrests or releases
  • Avoids logistical and spatial challenges