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Identity Solutions For Federal Agencies

MorphoTrust® Mobile ID 360


Military and other Federal personnel need to know who they’re dealing with fast. With MorphoTrust Mobile ID 360, you don’t have to rely on verbal information or potentially fraudulent IDs to identify a suspect. Federal law officials can perform quick, accurate identity checks by capturing and matching facial or iris images or fingerprints to determine  determine whether or not to detain the suspect or call for backup. Fast, positive IDs let you assess personal risk and danger and know if the person is a known criminal or possible terrorist.

Mobile ID 360 combines MorphoTrust’s core competency in biometrics with wireless communication and mobile devices to provide the fastest, most accurate identification technology available in the field. Components – including handheld units, a workflow manager, and audit and reporting functionality – are based on our Integrated Biometric Identification System (IBIS), which handles multiple biometrics and can search multiple databases simultaneously.

Features & Benefits:

  • Quickly and accurately identify suspects, detainees and criminals from the moment they are apprehended
  • Flexible, integrated products that can be used as a stand alone or within other systems
  • Multi-modal biometric technologies (face, iris and fingerprint) with ability to easily add new modes in the future
  • Identify and track subjects from intake to release, regardless of the location