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Identity Solutions for U.S. Military


MorphoTrust offers federal military agencies a full portfolio of identity solutions and services built upon decades of innovation in software development and sophisticated biometrics. We have broad expertise and in-depth knowledge of military operations, processes, systems, and infrastructure, which enables us to deliver sound advice and provide military agencies with maximum flexibility to adapt to changing conditions. Specific offerings include identity solutions for the secure enrollment and credentialing of military personnel, a complete mobile technology suite for tactical operations in areas of global conflict, biometric data and workflow management tools, self-service kiosks for faster and more efficient biometric-based enrollment, and real-time facial screening technologies that can capture surveillance footage or live images to screen individuals against pre-defined watch lists.

Accurate and expedient identification of individuals is a top priority for the defense and intelligence communities to distinguish friends from foes at home and overseas. Biometric systems must be robust and fully adaptable for use in the field, whether you are providing base and checkpoint security, targeting and tracking persons of interest, managing detainees or conducting a population census. Recruiting standards also mandate a secure, comprehensive, interoperable system to manage the vetting and credentialing of federal military personnel.

For over 50 years, we have successfully delivered innovative and comprehensive identity management solutions including ID issuance, applicant vetting and multimodal biometrics technologies. Our mobile state-of-the-art technologies, including iris, finger, and face capture capability, are designed specifically to meet the emerging needs of the DoD and the tactical biometric requirements of the U.S. intelligence community. Over 13,000 MorphoTrust multi-modal biometrics handheld devices have been deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan, allowing for quick enrollment and identification of unknown subjects in remote locations with actionable intelligence.

Features & Benefits:

  • Increased protection for military personnel and civilian populations
  • Quickly apprehend person of interest in locations around the world
  • Easy to use, real-time analysis of biometric information from any location
  • Efficient enrollment and issuance of secure military credentials