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Identity Solutions for Federal Agencies

MorphoTrust® RapidHIT®

Fast, Accurate DNA Results in Approximately 90 Minutes

When National Security is at stake, Federal agencies need reliable DNA test results in less than 2 hours, allowing them to act quickly. Based on breakthrough technology from IntegenX, RapidHIT integrates all typical lab equipment into a single, compact and rugged unit, able to process 1 to 7 samples and produce standard DNA profiles in approximately 90 minutes. Results comply with all international standards.

Quick, Flexible and Simple to Use

Simply load the cartridge into the machine and press the start button; minimal training is required. Results can be exported to CD, DVD, or USB via .cmf files or watch-list data can be imported directly into RapidHIT for analysis. A green light indicates a hit was found.

Results in less than 90 minutes

Features & Benefits:

IntegenX’s consumable DNA kits are less than 1/6 the size of the leading competitor’s kits
  • Fast, Accurate DNA Results in 90 minutes
  • Market leading platform with breakthrough technology in a compact, portable instrument
  • Able to process multiple sample types and up to 7 samples simultaneously
  • 24 locus NDIS approved chemistry allows for higher power of discrimination
  • Lowest total cost of ownership
  • Kinship analysis confirms familial relationships with known terrorists, immigrants, or victims of natural disaster
  • DNA from items such as soda cans, chewing gum, cell phones, weapons, cigarette butts, tools, clothing, and more provides a significant tool in solving crimes and prosecuting criminals
  • Easily transported for use in theater. Successfully installed in a SUV with generator power. Sturdy optics that require no maintenance or realignment
  • Advanced security features protect all personal data, with built-in interface for PIV and CAC cards to log user ID.