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MorphoTrust® Aviation 360


MorphoTrust Aviation 360 incorporates advanced credentialing and biometric technologies to automate and accelerate the entire process of enrolling and vetting applicants and current employees. We offer airports the only end-to-end channeling and badging solution that integrates biometric enrollment services, TSA-approved channeling, document authentication, data verification and secure credentialing with card manufacturing options—all available through a single source.

Operational security can be a huge challenge for airports, especially in light of recent mandates focusing on employees and vendors who have access to sensitive infrastructure and sterile areas. New requirements for background vetting, enrollment, and issuance of access credentials and ID badges are increasingly difficult and expensive to fulfill. And many airports are stuck with aging, inefficient systems that are no longer up to the task.

Workflows for applicant channeling, fingerprint capture, badging and document authentication are often fragmented and poorly coordinated. Paper-based processes, disparate systems and multiple vendors create bottlenecks and inefficiencies, with high rates of error, inadequate accounting and cost controls. Frustrated applicants must make repeat office visits to complete the requirements—adding days or weeks to the onboarding process.

Features & Benefits:

  • Replace fragmented, paper-based workflows with a complete, automated, end-to-end system
  • Simplify the entire channeling and badging process
  • Utilize state-of-the-art biometrics to establish a trusted identity
  • Automate document authentication to speed up applicant processing and improve security
  • Web-based scheduling and data entry to initiate the channeling process
  • Deploy live scan fingerprinting either in-house or through one of our convenient IdentoGO Centers
  • Manage payments quickly and accurately with real-time reporting and auditing