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MorphoTrust® E‑CAT


MorphoTrust invented automated Credential Authentication Technology (CAT) over 20 years ago and has over 10,000 systems deployed today, with a library of over 2,800 credentials. Today, this technology is available in MorphoTrust® E‑CAT, providing a simple, flexible solution to help expedite the screening of approximately 1.8 million passengers traveling every day in over 450 U.S. airports. E‑CAT takes only seconds to authenticate passenger identity documents, such as driver licenses and passports and provides added security with improved throughput.

Every aspect of the user experience with the stand-up touchscreen interface was tuned to make it extremely simple and intuitive to operate, even by personnel of moderate skill, with only a few hours of training. With E‑CAT, airport security checkpoints can more than double the throughput, setting new industry standards.

E‑CAT improves security through the use of technology versus visual inspection. The system scans and automatically checks multiple security features on proof-of-identity documents (driver licenses and passports) to ensure they have not been altered or are counterfeit. This information is quickly compared with passenger boarding information from Secure Flight, TSA’s passenger information system, without the need to present a boarding pass. The result is a speedy and streamlined process using accurate machine authentication.

E‑CAT is the culmination of many years of work to address airport security requirements following the 9/11 tragedy, while simplifying travel for American citizens. It is also just the beginning of MorphoTrust’s vision for what’s possible in air travel, creating a future in which passengers can move easily and securely from the curb to the gate without boarding passes or security lines.

MorphoTrust is your trusted identity solutions partner! Contact us for more information: info@morphotrust.com


Features and Benefits

  • Reliable machine authentication of driver licenses and passports
  • Proven technology with thousands of deployments
  • Improves both security and passenger throughput