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MorphoTrust Complate MVA

No one understands motor vehicle agency (MVA) systems and workflows better than we do.
MorphoTrust Complete MVA centers around the customer with modern, optimized and
integrated driver and vehicle services as well as end-to-end driver license issuance solutions
that put you in the driver's seat.



MorphoTrust Training and Professional Services

MorphoTrust helps ensure maximum value from your investment with a range of training and
professional services. Our comprehensive training programs are tailored to meet your
specific needs, while the professional services organization delivers customizations based
on your requirements, work environment and unique business processes.

MorphoTrust offers comprehensive enrollment services, secure credentialing, and
biometric-based solutions for identity intelligence, including market-leading MorphoTrust® ABIS
for multi-modal biometric search, matching and forensic analysis that enables fast, accurate
identification of persons of interest. Today we proudly serve the FBI, DoD, DoS as well as over
30 states with our biometric offerings.


MorphoTrust Law Enforcement Solutions

MorphoTrust continues to support thousands of law enforcement customers with
biometric-based (finger, face and iris) solutions to quickly identify suspects and inmates as
well as manage them throughout the criminal justice system. MorphoTrust® eWarrant 360
helps to ensure safety on the streets by expediting the warrant issuance process.