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TSA Chooses MorphoTrust Enrollment Solutions

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MorphoTrust offers State and Federal Agencies the opportunity to outsource certain services and operations with confidence.  As staffing and budget resources are reduced, our centers can help relieve the burden, while ensuring excellent service for your customers and reduced wait times.  Over 3 million individuals will be served through our enrollment centers this year, with that number growing quickly. Currently, we are an authorized service provider for the Federal Government including the TSA programs such as HAZPRINT, TWIC, and now UES.  We are also one of a few companies authorized for FBI Channeling, which means we can also now obtain FBI Criminal History Reports for our customers as well as submit fingerprints to the FBI as part of the vetting process.

As a Designated Aviation Channeler (DAC), MorphoTrust is authorized by the TSA to support the exchange of aviation credentialing data, including Applicant Security Threat Assessment information and Applicant fingerprints, between those in the aviation community and TSA for the purpose of credentialing aviation workers. TSA checks the background of airport and airline employees with access to the secure areas of airports, including baggage workers, ground maintenance workers and restaurant and retail employees. Through the DAC services, MorphoTrust will aggregate the necessary employee data and submit it to TSA, which conducts the employee threat assessments required for work in the aviation environment.


Features & Benefits:

  • Authorized FBI and DAC channeler
  • Trusted partner for many State and Federal Government agencies
  • Frees up your staff and resources
  • Deep expertise in all aspects of the enrollment process
  • Unmatched industry security standards