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TSA Chooses MorphoTrust Enrollment Solutions

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MorphoTrust® Identity Services

Nationwide locations for identity-related products and services

Government agencies, private employers and professional organizations all require various enrollment services to verify the identity of applicants, and any potential criminal history, before they obtain employment, secure credentials, professional certification, benefits or services. It is increasingly common for professionals in fields like public safety, banking, education, childcare, healthcare, elder care and transportation to be fingerprinted as part of the vetting process to ensure they don’t pose a risk or threat to the people they encounter or serve.

Providing fingerprinting services to applicants doesn’t have to be a burden to your company or agency, and you don’t need to dedicate in-house resources to get it done. MorphoTrust can initiate a program for you very quickly with a nationwide network of convenient locations. We were the first company to capture and submit civil fingerprints to the FBI, and we are one of a few authorized FBI Channelers today. We have also been selected by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to deliver its new Universal Enrollment Service (UES).

In 2012, MorphoTrust announced a first-ever consumer brand for enrollment and other identity-related services with the launch of IdentoGO Centers. Our Centers offer convenient identity services to consumers for pre-employment and other identity-related requirements.Our growing nationwide locations serve about 3 million customers each year. Each Center is staffed with trained professionals, and appointments can easily be scheduled online or by telephone through one of our call centers.

Our services include:

Livescan fingerprinting: available in our centers or, in some cases, at your own location using a mobile enrollment unit

Authorized channeling services that comply with all federal standards, located in a highly secure, restricted-access data center in the U.S. featuring a network operations center staffed 24/7

Public-private partnerships, which provide government agencies and commercial enterprises opportunities to outsource identity-related tasks to ease burdens on staff and improve customer services


Features & Benefits:

  • Convenient locations staffed by trained Enrollment Agents

  • Easy appointment-setting online or by phone

  • State-of-the art live scan fingerprinting systems and secure business software to capture and transmit fingerprints to requesting agencies

  • Payment collection and processing, auditing and reporting capabilities for all transactions

  • Exceptional accuracy ratings with few rejections and retakes