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MorphoTrust Serving our Communities


One of MorphoTrust’s core values is being COMMUNITY-MINDED.  This value is based on the belief that it is our responsibility to positively contribute to the communities in which we live and work.  This includes our local communities, cities, states and our country, as well as the customer and industry communities we participate in.

As a company, MorphoTrust is focused on serving our nation's Veterans, honoring them for their sacrifices and service to us. At the start of 2015, we took our Veterans outreach to the next level and proudly established the MorphoTrust Veterans Outreach Council to inspire and enable our employees to be more community-minded and work in partnership with Veterans organizations and initiatives. Today, the company is proud that over 10% of our workforce is comprised of U.S. Veterans, and we continue to actively recruit and train Veterans for key roles in various business areas.

Another way we demonstrate our value of being community-minded is engaging Federal as well as State and Local public officials in meaningful discussions on select issues surrounding identity, biometrics and credentialing as policy decisions made have a great impact on both our communities and our country. While MorphoTrust’s business is to carry-out the policy objectives of its customers, while securing all personally identifiable information, we can also leverage our decades of experience, deep technology expertise, and market leadership to impart well-reasoned positions.


Policy Positions:

  • Biometrics - We support the use of biometrics as a means for Governments and select industries to positively identify individuals, while respecting the privacy rights of law-abiding individuals.
  • Credentialing - We support the creation of secure credentials by Governments and select industries as a means to provide positive identification and confer privileges.
  • Identity Management - We support programs being implemented by Governments and select industries that use a “golden record” to identify individuals.