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2017 Events & Tradeshows


Jan 24-26

2017 SEARCH Winter Membership Group Meeting


Phoenix, AZ

Feb 13-14 RSA Conference
Attending in NIST Booth - #S2815
  San Francisco, CA
Mar 2

17th Annual Aviation Summit, hosted by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce
TSA Pre√® Enrollment Booth

  Washington, DC

Mar 15-16

AAMVA 2017 Workshop & Law Institute
10 x 10 Exhibitor


Minneapolis, MN

Mar 24-26 Indiana Sheriffs Annual Spring Conference   Bloomington, IN
Mar 28-29

Competitive Intelligence + Strategy Event
Speaking Engagement: Zuby Singh - "FOIA & Post Mortem Lifecycle: Top 10 Intelligence Gathering Points When Doing Business with the Government"

San Francisco, CA
Mar 28-29 State Healthcare IT Connect Summit    Baltimore, MD

Mar 29-30

Insider Threat
Gold Sponsor
Speaking Engagement: Patrick Clancey - "Identity Proofing and Multi-factor Authentication in Support of Combatting Insider Threats."

Monterey, CA

Apr 19 Secure Tourism Summit
Speaking Engagement: Maurine Fanguy on the "Security and Efficiency: Not Mutually Exclusive" panel
New York, NY
Apr 23-25 NASCIO Midyear Conference 
Speaking Engagement: Mark DiFraia will be co-facilitating the Learning Lounge on Identity Management.
 Arlington, VA
Apr 24-28 GlobalPlatform Spring Meeting
Digital Identities Workshop Speaking Engagement: David Kelts - "The secure Mobile Driver's License is a platform for innovation”
San Francisco, CA
Apr 25-26

Annual Idaho Public Safety and Security Information System (ILETS) User Conference
Tabletop Exhibitor

  Boise, ID
Apr 26-28 IL Chief Deputy / Jail Admin Conference
Sponsor & Tabletop Exhibitor
  East Peoria, IL

May 2-3

connect: ID
10 x 10 Exhibitor
Speaking Engagement: Mark DiFraia - "Defeating State Income Tax Fraud utilizing Digital Identity" panel with Michael Garcia (NIST) and Brenda Coone (AL DOR) 

Washington, DC

May 2-4 Internet Identity Workshop (IIW) 24
Working Group Participant: David Kelts
Mountain View, CA
May 15-17

The K(NO)W Identity Conference
Speaking Engagement: Patrick Clancey to host a panel

Washington, DC

May 21-24

AAMVA Region IV Conference
10 x 20 Exhibitor - Booth #110 & 112
TSA Pre√® Enrollment RV
Speaking Engagement: Elizabeth Marshall as an Industry Showcase Panelist. Topic "The Consumer Speaks: How U.S. Consumers Really Feel about the Introduction of a Mobile Driver's License."

Seattle, WA

June 5 DIACC Annual General Meeting
Speaking Engagement:
"eID Experience - Department of Revenue" - Rob Mikell & David Kelts
Toronto, Canada
June 6-7

Identity North (IDN17)
Speaking Engagement: David Kelts to speak in the "Privacy by Design: An expert update on trends in privacy, a discussion of Canada and Europe, and case studies on Privacy Management" session with Dr. Ann Cavoukian.

Toronto, Canada
June 11-13 NASDTEC 89th Annual Meeting
  New Orleans, LA

June 11-14

Federal of Tax Administrators (FTA) Annual

Tabletop Exhibitor & Silver Sponsor


Seattle, WA

June 12-15

MorphoTrak Users Conference
Tabletop Exhibitor
Speaking Engagements:
Paul Kolebuck - "Introduction to MorphoTrust";
Mark DiFraia - "Mobile Driver's License (mDL) and its Impact on Law Enforcement Officers"

Alexandria, VA

June 19-22

AAMVA Region II Conference
10 x 20 Exhibitor - Booth #310 & 312
TSA Pre√® Enrollment RV on the show floor
Speaking Engagement: Rob Mikell - "
Policing & Mobile Driver’s Licenses: Redefining Safety and Identity Management" during the "Emerging Industry Issues & Trends" session.

Chattanooga, TN

June 19-22

Cloud Identity Summit 2017
Speaking Engagement: David Kelts - "Proofing Ex Post Factor"

Chicago, IL

June 28-29

SIA Government Summit 2017
Speaking Engagement: 9:15am, Thursday, June 29
Patrick Clancey - Moderating "Identity and Vetting: The Cornerstone of Border Security"

Washington, D.C.

July 9-12

AAMVA Region I Conference
10 x 20 Exhibitor - Booth #39
Speaking Engagement: Tues 7/11 @ 9:00am (Vermont Room)
Rob Mikell - "Policing & Mobile Driver’s Licenses: Redefining Safety and Identity Management" during the "Emerging Industry Issues & Trends" session.

Portland, ME

July 18-20 ACC TSA Security Capabilities Conference
Speaking Engagement: Maureen Fanguy participated on the Biometrics & Passenger Authentication Panel
Arlington, VA

July 30 - Aug 2

Federal of Tax Administrators (FTA) Tech
10 x 10 Exhibitor - Booth #315
Bronze Sponsor
Speaking Engagement: 4pm, Tuesday, August 1
Mark DiFraia and Brenda Coone, Deputy Commissioner from the Alabama Department of Revenue - "
2017 - The Year Digital Identity Becomes the Weapon to Fight Tax Fraud"

Indianapolis, IN

Aug 6-10

IAI International Educational Conference
Speaking Engagement: BIS-220 3pm, Friday August 11
Patrick Clancey - "In-person Proofing and Multi-factor Authentication in Support of the Identity Lifecycle"

Atlanta, GA

Aug 21-23

AAMVA Annual International Conference
20 x 20 Exhibitor - Booth #311 
Premier AIC After Banquet Event Sponsor
Speaking Engagement: 1pm, Tuesday, August 22
David Kelts will present as part of the Mobile DL panel

TSA Pre√® Enrollment RV

San Francisco, CA

Aug 27-31 Florida Tax Collectors 2017 Education Forum
10 x 10 Exhibitor - Booth #307
Bronze Sponsor
  Orlando, FL
Sept 11 IDESG Plenary Technology Demonstration & Luau Event
Tabletop display
Speaking Engagement: Room 206, 5:30 to 7:30pm
Mark DiFraia will present our eID NIST pilot goals, lessons learned and next steps in an open forum.
Washington, DC

Sept 12-14

Federal Identity Forum & Exposition (FedID 17) Formerly GIS
10 x 20 Morpho Booth - Booth #437
Speaking Engagement: 3:15pm, Wednesday, September 13 
David Kelts will present as part of the "A Survey of Identity Standards" panel

Washington, DC

Sept 12-14 Mobile World Congress Americas 
20 x 20 OT-Morpho Booth - North Hall #224
  San Francisco, CA
Sept 20-22 MASA Michigan Association of School Administrators   Acme, MI
Sept 25-29 130th California Association of Criminalists (CAC) Seminar, Fall
Tabletop Display
  Newport Beach, CA
Sept 28 secureCISO Boston
Speaking Engagement: 1:20pm
Dennis Kallelis took the stage for the CISOpanel to pinpoint hurdles, strategies, best practices and those ever important lessons learned.
Boston, MA
Oct 1-3 NASCIO Annual Conference 
  Austin, TX
Oct 21-24

10 x 10 Exhibitor
Speaking Engagements:
Frank Barret will present the Benefits of MorphoCloud in the Microsoft Booth #2125 - Mon, Oct 23 - 1pm
Rob Mikell will present "Policing and Mobile Driver's Licenses: Redefining Safety and Identity in the Digital Age" - Tues, Oct. 24 - 12:00 PM - Solutions Presentation Theatre on Show Floor (Booth #825)


Philadelphia, PA
Oct 22-25

Money 2020
30 x 40 OT-Morpho Booth - #2505
4-Star Sponsor

  Sands Expo Hall
Las Vegas, NV
Oct 22-25 Annual ISM Conference
Exhibitor with partner, Conduent
Speaking Engagement:
Riverview Ballroom, Salon 1 - Oct. 25 - 9am 
Steve Miu will present with Jerry Owens on the topic of "Mobile Visit Verification: The Future."
Baltimore, MD

Oct 24-26

AAMVA Region III Conference
Speaking Engagement: HU Auditorium 224 - Wed, Oct 25
Rob Mikell will present in the mDL panel discussion

Oak Brook, IL